About CUPE 229

CUPE 229 workers touch every part of student life at Queen’s University. Our members provide maintenance, cleaning, and food services on campus.

CUPE 229 is a local union of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

At Queen’s University, CUPE 229 sister locals include:

  • CUPE 1302 — Laboratory Workers
  • CUPE 254 — Library and Archive Workers

Canadian Union of Public Employees

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is Canada’s largest union, with over 700,000 members across the country. CUPE represents workers in health care, emergency services, education, early learning and child care, municipalities, social services, libraries, utilities, transportation, airlines and more. We have more than 70 offices across the country, in every province.

CUPE Ontario is the political wing of the Canadian Union of Public Employees—Canada’s largest union—in the country’s largest province. With more than 258,000 members, CUPE Ontario is a strong voice for rights and fairness for our members and our communities. We work at the provincial level for legislative, policy and political change on issues affecting public services, equality, healthy communities and a better Ontario for everyone.

The Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee is the CUPE Ontario committee representing more than 30,000 members working in the university sector. We work in a wide range of academic and support roles, including security, parking, skilled trades, clerical and administrative positions, caretaking, food services, groundskeeping, research, technical and library workers, sessional instructors, teaching assistants and post-doctoral students.

The CUPE Ontario Trades Committee has a mandate to reach, represent and ensure inclusion and accessibility for all members on trades’ issues, such as contracting out and apprenticeships. Fairness for all CUPE tradespeople is the focus of the committee’s work, including fighting privatization. The committee acts as a voice for trades workers, collaborates with like-minded organizations such as the Ontario Federation of Labour and other unions and labour bodies, and provides support for members. Tradespeople are represented in nearly every CUPE local.

Executives and Stewards

These are your 2020 executives:

Position Name Phone Number
President (Union) Sherri Ferris (613)-929-8825 (Days)
Vice President (Union) Cindy Gilpin (613)-453-9359 (Evenings)
Chief Steward (Union) Jesse Bambrick (613)-536-8044 (Days)
Secretary Treasurer Scott Cadieux (613)-453-9359 (Evenings)
Recording Secretary Rick Byrom (613)-583-5655 (Nights)
Social Chair Amelia Laranjeira (613)-876-5778 (Days)
Back-To-Work Bill Hawes (613)-483-2792 (Days)
Education Chair Dave Knapton (613)-217-7959 (Nights)
Sergeant-At-Arms Greg Peck (613)-329-3917 (Days)
Health & Safety Steve Senechal (343)-363-0336 (Days)
Vice President (Food Service) Donnie Neill (613)-329-9639 (Days)
Chief Steward (Food Service) Claude Dupuis (613)-328-0405 (Days)
Health & Safety (Food Service) Claude Dupuis (613)-328-0405 (Days)
Vice President (Donald Gordon Centre) Joe DeSousa (613)-888-6241

What We Do

CUPE 229 represents workers in the following job classification at Queen’s University.

  1. Trades
  2. Maintenance Mechanic
  3. Trades Helper
  4. Helper
  5. Labourer
  6. Elevator Mechanic
  7. Engineer 3rd Class
  8. Helper
  9. Storeskeeper
  10. Driver
  11. Athletics Assistant
  12. Foreperson
  13. Athletics Attendant
  14. Athletics Assistant
  15. Groundskeeper
  16. Grounds worker
  17. Parking By-Law Officer
  18. Booth Attendant
  19. Custodian
  20. Laundry Attendant
  21. Seamstress
  22. Caretaking Attendant
  23. Caretaker
  24. Food Service workers employed by Aramark